Welshman Ncube visits Tsvangirai

EMBATTLED MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube has staged a spectacular about turn and is cosying up to his MDC-T counterpart, Morgan Tsvangirai, whom he vowed never to work with because of “his dictatorial tendencies and propensity to breach the party constitution at will.””

Reeling under resignations by senior party members with the latest being former acting secretary general Moses Mzila Ndlovu and 64 others, Prof Ncube said his party was willing to join hands with Mr Tsvangirai for a “greater national good.”

Writing on twitter, Prof Ncube said: “Being in Bambazonke this weekend, I took the opportunity to visit Morgan Tsvangirai to wish him well in his fight against cancer.

“I will be even happier when all of us in the opposition coalesce so that we can confront the dictatorship from one same corner come 2018.”