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Why Pokello didn’t want Passion Java at Ginimbi’s funeral

by reporter263

In a video snippet, Pokello is heard asking whether Passion Java has attended the Ginimbi funeral procession. She says Uncle has vowed to deal with him. The uncle is still anonymous to the public.

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Many people have assumed that there have been bad blood between Java and Ginimbi. Thus being said, a lot felt that Java had no moral standing to attend a funeral of his rival.

However Java denied the claims citing that all the diss videos where stage managed and content creation. It is sad that Ginimbi didn’t live to testify to that also.


However, Pokello’s beef with Java seems to stretch from a smear campaign Java has subconsciously done.

In the video below, Prophet Passion Java is seen laughing at Pokello who is buying clothes from a bhero in China. It seems Pokello hasn’t forgiven him.

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