Winky D, Soul Jah Love form pact

Winky D, Soul Jah Love form pact

It appears Winky D and Soul Jah Love have signed a binding pact if their joint performance at Takashinga Cricket Club is anything to go by. Winky D, who graced Soul Jah Love’s 25th birthday bash held over the weekend in Highfield as a special guest, thrilled the crowd with his hit “Paita Party” before the two performed their duet “MaGaffer”.

Energy was high on and off the stage and the security had a torrid time in maintaining order as scores of fans moved closer to the stage.

Apparently, the song is about how the two have shrugged off competition from their contemporaries.

It says the two are in a class of their own and whoever wants to dare their dominance does so at their own peril.

Winky D, who had never attended birthday bashes for any artiste since hitting the big time, said he felt honoured to be invited by Soul Jah Love, who is now known as “Chibaba Chacho”.

However, Soul Jah Love, who took delight in introducing Winky D as “Chimukoma Chacho”, came prepared for the bash with his sweetheart Bounty Lisa in tow.

By any measure the joint performance was the climax of the gig, which had other heavy hitters in the likes of Kinnah, Killer T, Shinsoman, Cello Culture, Dhadza D and Ricky fire.

The absence of Seh Calaz, who is perceived as Soul Jah Love’s arch-rival in the genre, did not in any way dampen the spirit at the show as Killer T put up a splendid act.

Killer T, who is also known as the Chairman, was on point from start to finish. He did not waste time and churned out hit after hit to which the crowd sang along.

Another fiery artiste Kinnah made his presence felt with a flawless act and at one time the crowd called for encore and he obliged.

Dhadza D did not disappoint for a minute and he did justice to his set performing all the crowd’s favourites.


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