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Winky D’s Love Life Revealed

by Lex Vambe

Dancehall king, Winky D (real name Wallace Chirumiko) is a humble man who does not talk about his private life.

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His manager, Jonathan Banda, said :”“Winky D still survives in the ghetto. He doesn’t drive a fancy car, he’s a humble man and will use anything that can move him from one place to the other,” said Banda.Is he a married man? Banda said: “Let me put it this way — Winky D is many people. He’s an artiste, he’s a producer — Winky D is management. The only person who can get married is Wallace.”

Performing at the Golden Pilsener Afro Fusion Music Concert recently, Winky D, who some
have described as a snob, shared intimate thoughts in what was the most emotional interlude of his performance.Introducing his yet to be officially released song titled 25, Winky D asked his fans not to dance and listen to the lyrics, which he said were close to his heart.

“The song is called 25 and I want you to listen carefully to the lyrics. I don’t want you
to dance Bulawayo — just listen because I know you can relate to this. The song talks about the things I wanted growing up but look at me, I’m now 30-something and I still haven’t achieved these things,” said Winky D.

The song describes the aspirations he had as a growing young man. He hoped to have
amassed wealth and married a beautiful woman by the time he was 25 but now in his 30s, Winky D says he is yet to live his dream.The emotional Gaffa who kept demanding his fans’ sober attention said he did not imagine he would have to endure certain struggles in his life and still have to deal with them to date.


“Let me explain it . . . Ndichikura ndaiti ma funny handimbotambura mari pa corner toita dzekusakura ndaiti pa25 hazvizofi zvakandinetsa kuzoisa food patafura but zvandiremera pandakura, Gaffa rikunetseka ndakura . . . Ndaiti ndikasvika 25 ndaigaya ndenge ndine better life ma jaguar pa den neka nice ndaigayira ka life kekudenga denga,” chanted
Winky D.-Online

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