Winter Of Discontent

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition notes the wave of protests against the government of the day. Today marks the 29th civilian-led protest against misgovernance since January 2016. Whilst we do not condone the use of violence by citizens, it is quite clear that most of the actions have been sparked by 36 years of authoritarian rule, corruption and flagrant violation of the rule of law.

The wave of protests in Beitbridge and South Africa against the banning of some imports which were a source of livelihood for thousands of people are signs that ordinary Zimbabweans are tired of being taken for granted.

The government continues to deal with symptoms and not the root cause of the economic quagmire in Zimbabwe by resorting to unilateral bans instead of creating conditions conducive to investment and economic growth. The ease of doing business in Zimbabwe has been systematically eroded through corruption, bureaucracy and an alarming number of road blocks which have become spots of robbery and makes the country look like a nation at war.

The high level corruption in Zimbabwe is going unchecked at a time the government has failed to pay civil servants and when most of the country’s citizens are groveling in grinding poverty. This comes against a backdrop of the government’s failure to account for $15 Billion in diamond revenue. Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition maintains that the government should stem the growing tide of corruption which has left the country on its knees. Endemic mismanagement has resulted in failure to prioritize pressing needs such as paying salaries of our hardworking teachers, doctors and the generality of the civil servants. Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition stands in solidarity with civil servants, cross boarder traders and transport operators and the general citizenry in their struggle for a better tomorrow.

The wave of protests in Harare and other parts of the country are a clear indication of a failed state which has reduced its citizens to modern day serfs.

CiZC calls upon the government not to be heavy-handed in dealing with these legitimate protests and find lasting solutions for genuine grievances of its people. Such a solution should entail engagement with citizens in an all Stakeholders’ Dialogue in resolving this multi-pronged crisis.


Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition also takes this opportunity to urge Zimbabweans to continue upholding non-violence in their legitimate demands and actions. We call upon the generality of Zimbabweans including churches, youths, women, workers and informal traders to continue advocating for their economic rights in a non-violent manner. We call for all progressive forces to coalesce efforts against poverty and oppression.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition joins the toiling masses of Zimbabwe in taking a stand against injustice and official repression.-CZC