Women fight over Andy Muridzo

Andy Muridzo has gotten himself in the middle of a relationship storm including his lovers as they battle each other out over him.

Following their separation six weeks ago, Andy Muridzo’s lover has reportedly been attacking his ex-wife and new lover.

Kundai Mukuu (28) was said to have gone on a smear campaign against Chido Manyange, popularly known as Mai Keketso, and Andy’s new lover.

She blames Andy’s alleged new lover, Faith Chinyani, of cohabiting with the singer.

Andy speaking to H-Metro said that he had not been following Mukuu, describing her as his ex who was using two cellphone lines to fake communicate with his sister.


Mukuu said it hard to let go of Muridzo.

“Andy ndaimuda uye ndichirikumuda; kunyangwe hazvo anga asati abvisa roora asi ndagara naye nguva inopfuura gore rese,” said Mukuu.

“I respect Mai Keketso since she has two kids with Andy and I posted negative comments on social media after one of her friends informed me about what she had said about me.

“To be honest, I never spoke to Mai Keketso directly and I do not have her contact numbers.


“Andy and I got engaged at the end of December last year, with him promising to pay a lobola this year in April before Faith Chinyani came into his life.

“Andy left me six weeks ago saying he wanted to go to Norton for a family meeting, only to hear later that he is cohabiting with Chinyani in Greendale.

“Chinyani lured Andy with her car since he did not have one; the one he had before was taken by some married woman.

“Chinyani was introduced by Andy to me as one of his sisters and they would visit me together and she would drive him until she won his heart.

“Chinyani said Andy was staying with me for free food, free accommodation and free s_ex only, not that he wanted to marry me. Chinyani is the one who was sent to collect Andy’s belongings here and I was unaware that she was taking them to her place in Greendale,” said Mukuu