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Zambian Deploys Soldiers on Zimbabwe Boarder

by reporter263

The Zambian Security Forces operating along the Zambezi river bordering Zimbabwe have been lenient when it comes to Zimbabweans crossing by boat into Zambia.

It is a known fact that many local Zambians living along the Zambezi have made a living by transporting Zimbabweans across the river to Zambia and back to Zimbabwe, many of those who own boats charge between ZMW 20-50 per trip, Zambian soldiers based along the river have become reluctant to stop the boat owners due to the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe.

A local Zambian who only gave his name as Ben is glad for the opportunity to be able to now feed his family “I was a peasant farmer but since I own a boat I am able to ferry people from Zimbabwe where they do their shopping and then back to Zimbabwe”.


A local Zambian soldier identified only as a corporal feels that stopping Zimbabweans from crossing to Zambia would be sending them to their graves”we hear always on radio and television how terrible it is in Zimbabwe so we allow them to go and buy food if we do not know them we ask them to leave their identity documents with us and they collect when they come back we do this in case they disappear but we have had only two incidents when Zimbabwean’s crossed and assured us they would return but did not”.

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has not gotten better for millions of Zimbabweans who continue to face high food prices as well as poor health care with those living close to the border opting to go to Zambian clinics that are authorised to treat anyone needing medical attention.


Radio Christian Voice

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