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Zambian Prophet On Mnangagwa’s Case Again

by reporter263

Controversial prophet Shepherd M Mesala is again in the news. This time the fearless prophet has issued a message for President of Zimbabwe Mnangagwa. “You have managed to be a president through tricks using physical power over your brother Mugabe.

Zambian Prophet On Mnangagwa’s Case Again

“But it will not be well with you not until you ask for forgiveness and apologise to Mugabe otherwise he still has power over Zimbabwe in the spirit realm. Although Physically he is not in the state house, spiritually he is a president.

“There are so many magical powers in Zimbabwe which need to be uprooted otherwise no peace will come to Zimbabwe. Emerson Mnagangwa should apologise to Mugabe and step down then it shall be well with him but if he becomes stubborn, things will be hard for him, everything will collapse in the nation.

“I am telling you, my brother, just step down and apologise to Mugabe for the sake of the people of Zimbabwe. And you Mugabe remove all that you put in Zimbabwe so that you clear you’re for Christ.” The Zambian born prophet said.


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