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Zambia’s Lungu claims PF presidency

Edgar Lungu

Lusaka. – Edgar Lungu says he has already won the PF presidency. But Bishop Paul Mususu says the insatiable appetite for power within the PF is frightening.
Speaking to journalists after he attended a service at Evangelical Church of Zambia in Chilenje yesterday, Lungu said he was the people’s choice and was enjoying massive support.

“How many people are in Parliament?” he asked.
“They said ‘Edgar! Edgar! Go for it’. Cabinet ministers, how many have gone for it in my name? So many. Central committee, so many. Out there in the streets, ask them. So why should you be asking me the obvious?”

Earlier, Lungu pledged to help complete the construction of the church after campaigns, saying offering assistance now would be taken as corruption.
Lungu was accompanied by Emmanuel Mwamba, Brian Hapunda, Sunday Chanda and Mulenga Fube, among others. And Bishop Mususu said the insatiable appetite for power within the PF was frightening.

He told journalists after the service that the ruling party would not stand a chance of winning the January election if it did not sort out its wrangles.
“They are so divided that unless they bury their differences, and come up quickly and tune in the mode of campaign, they are likely to throw the chances to their friends,” said Bishop Mususu. – The Post.


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