Zambia’s Lungu Fires White Vice President….Mugabe Fingered
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Zambia’s Lungu Fires White Vice President….Mugabe Fingered

Lusaka (AFP) – Zambia’s newly-elected President Edgar Lungu fired vice president Guy Scott who was briefly Africa’s only white leader  from his administration when he announced his cabinet on Monday amid revelations that visiting Robert Mugabe is behind the ouster.

Sources have revealed that the pact was made in Harare when Lungu visited Mugabe in Harare seeking support.Mugabe is known to be anti-white.

As interim president since the death in office of Michael Sata in October, Scott had been the first white leader on the continent since the end of apartheid 20 years ago.

He was replaced as vice president by Inonge Wina, a former gender minister and chairwoman of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Scott had sacked Lungu from his position as party general secretary during a power struggle after Sata’s death, but later reinstated him after rioting by supporters.

Scott, who is of Scottish descent, was prevented by the constitution from standing for the presidency himself as his parents were not born in Zambia.

He had told local media that he saw his role as interim president as largely ceremonial and was looking forward to handing over power so that he could enjoy his “gin and tonic”.

Lungu made several other new appointments to the cabinet after winning last week’s election, but retained Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba.

Ngosa Simbyakula becomes Justice Minister and is replaced as Home Affairs Minister by Davies Mwila.

The new president reiterated his pledge to serve the people of Zambia equally regardless of tribal affiliation.

“I love every part of Zambia and we won’t look at tribe when it comes to development,” he said.

Lungu, the former defence minister, takes over the helm for the remainder of Sata’s term until a general election scheduled for September 2016.

He has promised to focus on building the economy of the continent’s second biggest copper producer, which has been hit by declining prices.

The new president inherits a slowing economy and high poverty levels, with the key mining, tourism and agriculture sectors all struggling.

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