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Zanu PF demands $50 000, 100 beasts from drought-hit Masvingo for its annual conference

by reporter263

THE ruling Zanu PF party has tabled a working budget of $1,2 million for its annual conference in Masvingo this December, NewsDay has reported.

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Party insiders yesterday said the figure was “just a provisional budget”, with the actual outlay set to be announced by Zanu PF finance secretary, Obert Mpofu.

As the host, the drought-hit Masvingo province has been tasked to raise $50 000 for the party’s annual jamboree, with Chivi Rural District Council chairperson, Killer Zivhu leading the cash mobilisation team.

“Also they (Masvingo) have to contribute at least 100 beasts and other goodies. We could not demand maize from them given the level of starvation facing the province,” an insider said.

Each province has been instructed to raise $50 000 and the national fundraising team is expected to raise $600 000, which will go towards food and accommodation for delegates.


“The $1,2 million is just a starting figure. It could go up and down depending on the infrastructure available for use in Masvingo and other necessities, which we could forgo if need be,” a senior party insider said.

The six-day conference, according to party sources, will be attended by no less than 6 000 delegates drawn from the country’s 10 provinces.

Zanu PF secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo and Mpofu visited the province last week to check on the host’s state of preparedness amid reports that one faction was pushing for Great Zimbabwe Monuments, while the other wants the function held at a venue in the city.

Chombo is today expected to present his findings and other logistical details to the politburo.

He, however, indicated that he would only be able to announce the actual budget in October.

“I will only know the total budget in October, currently I don’t know,” he said.

Last year, the party spent at least $3 million on its conference, held in Victoria Falls — a budget that included return flights for more than 280 central committee members to the resort town from Harare.

The annual jamboree takes place at a time more than 4 million Zimbabweans were reportedly dependent on donor food handouts due to the El Nino-induced drought and a biting cash crisis.

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