ZANU-PF is evil: Tomana

Embattled Prosecutor General (PG), Johannes Tomana, who is facing serious charges of criminal abuse of office, says he now realises what people mean when they say ZANU-PF is evil, now that he is being punished for decisions that the same party foisted on him. Tomana, who is suspended from duty pending an investigation that is certain to lead to his dismissal, is facing a gamut of crimes related to his refusal to prosecute a number of high-profile citizens.

A source close to him said  that Tomana was very angry that he is now being punished for complying with decisions coming from Shake Shake Building. “He regrets accepting the appointment in the first place,” a source said.


“He regrets ignoring wise counsel from many well-wishers who were against him taking up the controversial post who knew better how “the system” operates… his appointment coming as it did after his predecessor (Sobuza Gula-Ndebele) had been removed on cooked- up charges,” the source added. Tomana is an acolyte of Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is also embattled, as the succession fight in ZANU-PF gets nasty. His troubles started last year when Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction started losing ground to the G-40 faction, which is controlled by President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace.


Tomana’s woes worsened this year after he set free some people who were accused of having tried to bomb President Mugabe’s Gushungo Diary in Mazowe. In the past Tomana has pounced on members of the opposition with zeal as ZANU-PF reported to persecution by prosecution tactics that it is adept at. He is now facing the same music