Zanu PF only serving its voters: Mugabe aide

CONTROVERSIAL State media columnist, Nathaniel Manheru, widely believed to be President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba, says people who did not vote for Zanu PF have no right to ask the government to deliver on its 2013 election promise to create 2, 2 million jobs. 

Manheru, whose identity was revealed as Charamba by Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo early this year, said Zanu PF was only obligated to serve the constituency which voted for the ruling party.

“One voice that keeps coming into my eardrums with irritating shrill is the demand by the hashtag generation for two million jobs promised by Zanu PF in 2013 polls,” Charamba ranted.

“Even the MDCs have joined in demanding those jobs as if Zanu PF owes them a living. You want two million jobs from a minus vote input? Who did you vote for? And why should a Zanu PF government govern to your benefit? Spare me that nonsense about national good. The good of a winning tenure is to multiply it a thousand fold, to augment it by doing good to those voters sitting on the fence.”

Charamba said Zanu PF was “single-minded” in serving its voters.

“And Zanu PF attracted more than two million voters whose unmet needs are its pre-occupation. Not MDC-T supporters, in their diminishing numbers,” he said.


“They don’t matter to Zanu PF calculus. They only matter to [Morgan] Tsvangirai and his MDC-T.”

Zimbabweans took to social media to express their anger over Charamba’s statements. Moyo suggested the author was not referring to a government position.

“I don’t know that the specific installment was authored by Charamba. Otherwise the author is expressing his opinion,” Moyo said in response to questions over the opinion piece on Twitter.

“Yes, this is official and true. The truth doesn’t disappear on account of the personal views of an anonymous columnist,” the minister added in response to a suggestion that it contradicted Mugabe’s 2013 inauguration speech pledging to serve all Zimbabweans, including those that did not vote for him.-Standard