Zanu PF warry of NGOs
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Zanu PF warry of NGOs


Almost 18 months after its controversial electoral victory, ZANU PF continues to keep an eye on the role of Non governmental organisations in the country, which it fears remain agents of the regime change agenda.
In its central committee report ZANU PF says the party “remains warry of the NGOs.”
“These will continue to harbour the ever elusive ambition of subverting the country by pursuing the regime change agenda,” reads the report.
“Their Western backers are always willing to assist them in this project.”
The report also states that even if the NGOs “appear to be down in the dumps following the July 31 2013 polls, the truth of the matter is that it is a stratagem. It is anticipated that they will resurface with much vigour at the opportune time and ratchet up their efforts as they did when the year 2018 beckoned.”
In the build up to the 2013 elections, ZANU PF cracked its whip on the NGOs resulting in several officials from the organisations being jailed without further trial.
Zimrights director Okay Machisi and his officials spent time in the remand prison following trumped up charges which were later dropped.
Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) director Pedzisai Ruhanya however dismissed the ZANU PF assertion on the role of NGOs in any democracy.
” NGOs are agents of democratic transformative agendas and if changing regimes is part of that broader civic mandate ZANU PF can go hang. After all democratic structural governance changes are both lawful and constitutional and NGOs should not apologise'” Ruhanya said.

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