Zanu PF will proceed to expel top leaders including VP: Mnangagwa

news_bmnangagwa-250Zanu-PF will henceforth undertake a process to expel top leaders, among them party and state deputy president Joice Mujuru, Justice minister and legal chief Emmerson Mnangagwa said at the weekend. Mnangagwa told an international news channel that treasury, dishonesty and disloyalty are sanctioned by expulsion from Zanu-PF. He said when a person goes to the third category of disloyalty, dishonesty and treachery, it is expulsion from the party and that process will be undertaken as they move on. While Mnangagwa was emphatic that those implicated in the sensational plot to assassinate President Robert Mugabe would be punished severely, the president seemed to indicate that Mujuru would be allowed to remain in the party albeit in its lower ranks.