Zim Man Drowns Trying To Retrieve a Duck
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Zim Man Drowns Trying To Retrieve a Duck

A 25-year-old Mvurwi man has drowned while trying to retrieve a duck he had stoned.

John Tadeyo of Mutsverengi village under Chief Bepura only managed to swim for 10 metres before being entangled by water weed and drowned.
Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe said the incident happened on December 3 at around 4 pm.
Tadeyo was herding cattle in the company of Mark Jerera (28) near Disi village 2 farm dam when he spotted a duck in the water.


Insp Mundembe said he hit the duck with a stone and it died.
“The duck started floating when Tadeyo dived into the water to get it. He managed to swim for 10 meters before being trapped by water weeds and drowning,” said Insp Mundembe.
“Jerera rushed to a nearby house looking for help. People searched for Tadeyo and failed to locate him.”
A report was made at Bivelkia police post in Mvurwi and before the sub aqua squad arrived villagers managed to retrieve Tadeyo’s body.

Insp Mundembe said no foul play was suspected and a post mortem was waived by a Guruve magistrate.
“We urge people to stay away or be cautious around water bodies and deep waters as they risk drowning or being attacked by dangerous reptiles,” he said.

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