Zim Presidential Hopeful Denied German Visa….Refusal Letter In German
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Zim Presidential Hopeful Denied German Visa….Refusal Letter In German

Zimbabwe Development Party leader Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe has failed to attend a five-day workshop in Germany after being denied a visa by the German Embassy in Harare.What irritated Mr Mukwazhe was the fact that the embassy communicated its decision in German, a language that the politician does not understand.

An irate Mr Mukwazhe has since written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complaining over what he termed mistreatment by the Germans.

“I am registering a concern that is affecting many Zimbabweans who are prejudiced when making foreign visa applications,” he said.

“It is common knowledge that we live in a global village where people are regarded as equal, entitled to human rights, free movement and freedom of expression. Surprisingly, I have encountered a horror experience at the German Embassy especially when comparing the treatment our country gives to our visitors, Germans included.”

Mr Mukwazhe said he had been invited to Germany by an organisation called Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (ICD).

Accompanying his application was an insurance cover of US$50 000, receipts for accommodation bookings made for the five-day stay, an air ticket indicating date of departure and return and a visa application fee.

“On German visa application forms, there are both German and English language  but when responding they use only German language. For you to know their reasons for denial, they ask you to see interpreters who will easily access your private information which is a violation to individual privacy. Remember Zimbabwe is internationally known as an English-speaking country,” read the letter.

Efforts to get a comment from the German Embassy were fruitless on Friday.

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