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Witch exhumed a grave and took the skull to his house

by reporter263

A self-proclaimed witch from Beatrice left fellow villagers stunned after he exhumed a grave and took the skull to his house where he kept it wrapped in his ex-wife’s undergarments.

He kept the skull in his ceiling, draped in his ex-wife’s petticoats, panties and bras, together with men’s underwear in order to fix her for leaving him.

Hussein Useni (39) recently appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo facing two charges of violating graves and causing serious damage to property.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to September 23 so that he could be medically examined by doctors to ascertain whether he is mentally stable.

This was after Useni claimed he chose the grave on the basis that the white man’s spirit is safe and his skull was the right instrument to use for his rituals as his soul will not come back and haunt him.

The exhumed grave was discovered after a local farmer Kamando Mutumhe’s cow got trapped and broke its neck, leading to its death.


Useni shocked villagers after he openly admitted to being a witch and that he intended to deal with his wife who had left him.

He also claimed to own a goblin and a trunk full of instruments which he inherited from his grandfather, who taught him witchcraft.

Ms Ntombikayise Nleya represented the State.-Herald

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