Grace Mugabe Refuses To Let Mugabe ‘s Body Out Of Her Sight In Bid to Stop Mnangagwa Carrying Out Rituals

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“Statement by the immediate family of the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe on the absence of consultation on the programme for the funeral and burial of the late Robert Mugabe issued on 12th September 2019

We note with extreme concern the manner with which the government of Zimbabwe has developed a programme for the funeral of the late RGM without consulting his immediate family who were tasked with communicating his last wishes in regard to his funeral and burial.
As his immediate family, we have also observed with shock that the government of Zimbabwe is attempting to coerce us t accept a programme for the funeral and burial of the late RGM which is contrary to his wishes on how he wished to have his mortal remains interred.
One of the wishes that the late RGM indicated was that his wife, Dr Grace Mugabe, MUST NEVER leave the casket bearing his remains for the duration of the funeral proceedings whilst in Zimbabwe up until his mortal remains have been interred.
To that end, we confirm that Hon Walter Chidakwa may communicate with our position with relevant authorities to ensure that we develop a programme that conforms to the wishes of the late RGM. We have also tasked Hon Patrick Zhuwao to disseminate this statement.”

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