Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption body suspends 19 investigators

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on Thursday suspended 19 of its investigators on a litany of allegations ranging from fraud, insubordination to leaking information to outsiders, the commission said in a statement yesterday.19e82582a4ba473c96e1ad0d21cba8d7

The suspensions are with immediate effect will be in force for three months.

The 19 are Antony Gonga, Victor Masimba, Ishmael Mukwasi, Adamu Welemu, Augustine Mahwana, Sydney Ushe, Emmanuel Mutunami, Francis Chuma, Forbes Mupotsa, Isaac Takawira, Cain Madiye, Charles Charuma, Matthew Sithole, Charles Sepe, Esnath Katsamba, George Murwisi, Rufaro Kunyenda, Soneni Chavizha and Bersten Matope.

According to the ZACC statement issued on Thursday, the 19 had been suspended on allegations of “fraud, corruption, insubordination, failure to obey lawful instructions, absence from duty without official authority, divulging information to outsiders in violation of the Official Secrecy Act as well as giving false information to outsiders about the commission.”

“We wish to notify our stakeholders that the above mentioned officers shall not be conducting any business on behalf of ZACC for the next three months. ZACC wishes to advise the public that it shall not be liable for any transaction or business conducted by the above mentioned until their suspension is lifted.”-Herbert Moyo