Zimbabwe Army Commanders Sleeping at KGVI Barracks as Coup Fears Swirl Around Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe army commanders are sleeping at KGVI Barracks since rumours had been circulating in that an attempted coup was staged in January while President Mnangagwa was abroad on a four-nation official tour.

The revelations have been made by exiled Jonathan Moyo who wrote on his social media page twitter.

Chiwenga Abandons His Munhumutapa Offices for Chinese Built Defence College

Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) officials together with two serving cabinet ministers from Mnangagwa’s twilight administration citing intelligence reports and documents, last month told this publication that they believe a “partial putsch” has already taken place, as the country is now thought to be completely run by the Joint Operations Command (JOC) on a day to day basis, with a new administrative command center based at the military’s defence college in the capital, from where Vice President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, now works and is based it has been revealed.

The opening of Zimbabwe's National Defence College. Government engineers say they were barred from inspecting the buildings.

Chiwenga is seldom at his Munhumutapa offices, where he goes mainly for official government meetings and engagements, while politically running the country from the defence college, the OPC officials said.

JOC is a shadowy quasi military organ, bringing together the country’s military-security complex which includes the army, and its military intelligence wing and Presidential Guard, Air Force, Police, Prisons and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to manage homeland and foreign security affairs.


China, a special ally of VP Chiwenga, through Chinese firm Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group financed and built the multi-million dollar Zimbabwe National Defence College, the country’s first military higher education institution, which was designed to improve Harare’s intelligence, security and defence systems.

“The classified intelligence reports prepared by the CIO in December 2019, suggest fears of an all out vicious civil uprising and demonstrations by the opposition MDC against the president,” OPC sources said.