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Zimbabwe Crisis: A demand for socio-economic and political transformation

by reporter263

The Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum (ZSF) joins all progressive forces that are deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation, ongoing human rights violations and the inability of the Zimbabwe government to effectively respond to the demands and needs of the people of Zimbabwe.zsf

The escalating mass arrests, illegal detention and brutal treatment of activists organised
around socio-economic and political concerns are unacceptable. Forced disappearances and
repression against juveniles adds a dangerous and aggravating element to the escalating
Working in solidarity with organised Zimbabweans inside the country and in the diaspora
the ZSF has pledged its support to the emerging demands for far-reaching political and
economic reforms. We will be working with solidarity formations across the region to add
weight to the call for SADC leaders to intervene before the country descends into further
chaos and bloodshed.
The ZSF specifically calls on the heads of States of the Southern African Development
Community (SADC) to heed the sage advice of the respected group of Elders and urgently
apply pressure on Zimbabwe to implement the constitutional reforms that will support a
successful and inclusive transition in Zimbabwe and a return to stability and growth for the
country and the region.
The ZSF commends the bravery and resilience of the people of Zimbabwe, organising under
extremely difficult circumstances. This commitment attests to the reality that ultimately the
solutions to the complex challenges in Zimbabwe will be owned and driven by the people of
Zimbabwe. But people-to-people solidarity actions and the involvement of regional
leadership is needed now to contain and prevent excesses by the state and add impetus to the
calls for reform.
While we call on SADC and the African Union, to facilitate a transformative transition in
Zimbabwe, the ZSF will be working with its allies to build a collaborative solidarity
  • A Regional Solidarity Summit on Zimbabwe will be held in Johannesburg, South
Africa. The Summit will give a comprehensive analysis of the Zimbabwe crisis, debate
the politics  around transition; identify possible  immediate scenarios and
developing strategies sustainable transformation.The&outcomes of the summit will
give guidance and energy to the broader regional solidarity action on Zimbabwe.
  • The ZSF will be  strengthening its National(and(Regional(Solidarity(Structures to 
maximise participation of the citizens across the SADC Region who seek to express
their solidarity support and respond rapidly to increasing the levels of violence.
The ZSF reasserts the importance of recognising that the concerns around the current
climate in Zimbabwe and the flouting of democratic principles and values is not a
concern for Zimbabweans alone. Current events in Zimbabwe are a concern for all
progressive forces across the region and throughout the continent of Africa. Our
collective future is threatened by the anti-democratic and violent nature of state actions
in Zimbabwe, the time to take action is now.
About the ZSF
Hosted by the ACTION Support Centre, the Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum is a network
movement of progressive South African civil society organisations, including youth, women,
labour, faith-based, human rights and student formations that are engaged in the promotion
of peopleto-people solidarity for sustainable development, peace, democracy and respect for
human and peoples rights in Zimbabwe
The ZSF works collaboratively with regional counterparts and solidarity formations in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland.
For additional information may you kindly contact: Philani Ndebele Campaigns Manager The ACTION Support Centre +27 11 482 2453, +27 76 942 3565 philani@asc.org.za

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