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Zimbabwe Farm Invasion Shocker :White family escaped Zanu PF thugs with only the clothes they had on

by Lex Vambe

by Mike Campbell Foundation 

Zimbabwean  farmer Geofrey Kelly  (66) and his son Mark McKinnon , a shooting champion who has reporesented Zimbabwe at world Championships were kicked out of their farm with nothing  but the clothes they had on, Mike Campbell Foundation has revealed.

In a statement issued on Wednesday  the foundation said ”

The McKinnons from Harare were yesterday illegally evicted from their home by a group of thugs. They escaped with only the clothes they had on. Thugs threw out all their belongings, smashing furniture and scattering papers and photographs.
Their farm falls within the new Harare peri-urban precincts. They have already endured arrests and jail on 3 occasions – and been subjected to court prosecutions for remaining in their home; but the courts have not found them guilty and they are by rights able to stay in their home and continue farming. It is believed that the thugs evicting them were acting for Minister Chombo. The McKinnons left behind a flourishing cropping farm as well as a wildlife sanctuary with various African plains game species.”

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“Today’s story in the Herald vilifying the McKinnon’s after their eviction on Tuesday the 30th of August was false and mischievous. The Herald made out that the McKinnons had illegal arms of war and were manufacturing ammunition illegally.
Mark McKinnon recently represented Zimbabwe in the World Championships with his shotgun and the Zimbabwe team came 19th out of 42 nations. Sadly he had to pull out of being involved in the recent Rio Olympics because of the jambanja (farm eviction) situation. All his weapons were licensed as well as his reloading machine for his ammunition.
Their eviction case is on appeal before the High Court and as such any orders from the magistrate’s court are suspended until such time as the high Court hears the appeal and gives judgement.”Mike Campbel Foundation


According to state owned Herald, Zimbabwe police wants to speak to McKinnon over farmhouse where ammunition manufacturing equipment and thousands of bullet heads and empty cartridges were discovered on Tuesday.

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