Zimbabwe granny sets vicious dogs on ZBC licence inspectors

A Bulawayo granny was arrested this week facing charges of unleashing her vicious dogs on the much-hated licence inspectors from the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). Ann Harris (79) of Sausetown was arrested after luring two ZBC licence inspectors—a man and a woman—who were on a door-to- door campaign in the neighbourhood inside her premises on the pretext that she wanted to pay her viewer licence, before setting the vicious canines on them.


So severe were the injuries that the two suffered that they had to be rushed to United Bulawayo Hospitals where they were treated and discharged. However, in a warned and cautioned statement recorded by police, that Zimbo Today.com was able to peruse, Harris insisted that the duo—whom she describes as “criminals”— were deservedly bitten by her three German Shepherd dogs after they trespassed into her premises. “The two criminals were attacked by my three dogs after they entered my premises on the pretext that they on a ZBC licence inspection mission.


Many people in the neighbourhood have lost property to criminals that masquerade as ZBC licence inspectors,” Harris said, adding that they should count themselves very luck that they are still alive to harass her. Many Zimbabweans are unhappy with ZBC’s programming, which they say only serves to confirm that it is a mouthpiece of President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU- PF party, and are therefore reluctant to pay viewer licences.-ZimboToday