Zimbabwe High Court Judge Orders Ousted CCC Candidates’ Removal from February Ballot
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Zimbabwe High Court Judge Orders Ousted CCC Candidates’ Removal from February Ballot

Nelson Chamisa

HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MPs Ostallos Siziba and Amos Chibaya, part of a group of 23 MPs and councillors ousted recently on the orders of Sengezo Tshabangu, will not be on the ballot February 3 this year after High Court judge Pisirai Kwenda ruled Friday they cannot contest under the same party that recalled them.

The politicians, elected into their respective positions in the August 23 elections last year, were recalled by self-styled party interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu who claimed they had ceased to be members of the main opposition.

But the representatives adamantly filed for nomination under the banner of the same party arguing Tshabangu did not have any authority to issue any directives under the party.

In a court challenge seeking their removal from the ballot, Tshabangu argued the ousted MPs and councillors illegally submitted nomination papers under a party that had recalled them.

Justice Kwenda upheld Tshabangu’s argument and ruled in his favour.

Speaking to journalists while emerging from court, CCC lawyer Obey Shava said he was waiting to take further instructions from the party on the way forward.

“When we come to court, we expect two possible outcomes,” he said.

“The judge might find in the favour of the other party and in this instance the court’s finding was not in our favour.

“So, we are going back to the people who have sent us. I am a lawyer, I take instructions from my client, I am going to sit down with my client and say this is the judgement of the court; what is the way forward? How do you want us to proceed?”

The ruling is yet another blow to the Nelson Chamisa led party that is in the middle of its most difficult challenge since the August 2023 elections.

CCC claims Tshabangu is an imposter hired by the enemy to destroy it.

Tshabangu denies acting on anyone’s behalf, claiming his intentions were a bona fide response to the imposition of election candidates by Chamisa.-ZimLive

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