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Zimbabwe lets go U.S. cargo plane carrying bloody body

by reporter263

HARARE- The Zimbabwean aviation authorities on Saturday let go an impounded U.S. cargo plane carrying a blood-stained dead body, after police found no crime evidence probe and now suspect the body belonged to a stowaway whose death was possibly caused by lack of oxygen.

The MD11 plane, owned by Western Global Airlines and hired by South Africa’s Reserve Bank, was en route to South African port city Durban from Germany when it was impounded at Harare International Airport during a refueling stopover last Sunday. Stacks of cash in South African Rand were also discovered.

National police spokesperson Charity Charamba said the body, cash, and the plane had been released to the crew after investigators found nothing suspicious.

“Nothing from international law obliges Zimbabwe to be responsible for the burial, cremation or disposal of the body.” Charamba said in a statement.

However, she said pathologists concluded that the cause of death asphyxia and no internal or external injuries found on the body. The body was tested for Zika virus, yellow fever, and Ebola. Finger prints, on the other hand, were taken and forwarded to Interpol in order to identify the deceased.


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