Zimbabwe Military Pushing for President Mnangagwa to Resign As He Fails to Steer the Economy

Zimbabwe military Generals with President Emmerson Mnangagwa

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa is ready to accept a deal which is being pushed by the army Generals that will see him accepting a multi-million dollar package and resigning from his office former Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has said.

In a interview with an online publication on Wednesday Prof Moyo said, “First, there’s the possibility of a palace coup which would have the semblance of a state house resignation produced by a negotiated deal whose package would include a two-digit multimillion United States dollars, immunity from prosecution and a presidential status that includes a modest motorcade.”

Moyo added that although Mnangawa’s cronies are resistant to the deal people like oilt guru Kuda Tagwirei are accessing the possibility of such a move and how they will assist Preesident Mnangagwa.

“Mnangagwa has been warm to such a deal, since his Kwekwe chat with Chiwenga but his cronies and cartelists are not happy with it. Already, the likes of Kuda Tagwirei have become regular if not daily visitors at State House with whispers that they are assessing possible arrangements and budgets for Glens and Biddulphs removal options, should an emergency arise for Mnangagwa and family to quickly exit State House in a negotiated departure.”

Moyo added that there was also a possibility that Mnangagwa might be removed through a popular mass uprising as people of Zimbabwe are agitated due to the economic decline.

“So, yes, a coup against Mnangagwa remains possible; especially one from the lower and middle ranks of the military who are experiencing the same hardships that are destroying the livelihoods of ordinary people.” Moyo said.  “But such a coup, although quite possible, is unlikely because the generals are aware of its possibility and have been working very hard to supress it by all sorts of means, including running ahead of it by piling pressure on Mnangagwa to persuade him to go peacefully or risk being removed violently.Rather than being removed in an outright military coup as was witnessed in November 2017, Mnangagwa is likely to be removed in one or the other of two possibilities”.