Zimbabwe Seeks Jonathan Moyo’s Extradition From Kenya
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Zimbabwe Seeks Jonathan Moyo’s Extradition From Kenya

Zimbabwe has requested Kenya to extradite former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo so that he can face trial on fraud and related charges involving the alleged diversion of US$244 575 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF).

Prof Moyo is believed to be living in Kenya with his wife, Beatrice Ambiyo, who is of Kenyan origin. He fled Zimbabwe fearing for his life during the November 2017 military coup.

He is jointly charged with four others — Godfrey Gandawa, Fredrick Mandizvidza, Shepherd Honzeri and Nicholas Mapute.

The Prosecutor General’s office this week wrote to Kenya, seeking mutual legal assistance to bring the former minister to face the Zimbabwean courts. The formal request read:

The matter requires urgent attention as the accused has a constitutional right to be prosecuted within a reasonable time whilst State witnesses who are available ought to testify before any supervening events curtail their adduction of evidence.

I therefore humbly request the competent authorities of the Republic of Kenya to treat this matter as urgent and give it a priority that the authorities’ circumstances permit.

The accused will not be prosecuted for any offence other than fraud, based only upon the facts stated in this request. This request is not being pursued by political reasons or any ulterior purpose. The Republic of Zimbabwe also undertakes to render assistance to the Republic of Kenya in any criminal matter.

Zimbabwe does not have an extradition agreement with Kenya but the Minister of Home Affairs can designate any country listed in the Extradition Order of 1990.

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