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Zimbabwe Vice President Kembo Mohadi Involved In Bushiris Great Escape

by reporter263

Kembo Mohadi

Zimbabwe vice president Kembo Mohadi is believed to have facilitated the escape of controversial self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, from South Africa to Malawi, sources have said .

While State Security Minister in 2016 , Kembo Mohadi attended a church service where the controversial ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri promised him “the crown” and an end to his financial troubles. He was to be named Zimbabwe’s he was named vice-president two years later.

“As a sign of gratitude , Mohadi a smuggler of note , did let a helping hand to Bushiris in his flight from South Africa “, the source said .

Our sources said Bushiri and his wife were driven to a Zimbabwe Border Post where they were whisked away by State security aides to Mohadi’s Beitbridge farm about 60km from the border town. They stayed overnight and the following morning was driven to Harare where their flight to Blantyre’s Chileka Airport was arranged through Robert Mugabe International Airport diplomatic route.

Another source close to Mohadi said, ” The VP could not sleep when his Papa (Bushiri) was in cells, offering help through intermediaries.”


Mohadi in 2017 smuggled first lady, Grace Mugabe from South Africa, allowing her to return to Harare and avoid prosecution for the alleged assault of a 20-year-old model.

In 2019 Themba Mliswa claimed Mohadi was the “godfather of smuggling in Beitbridge and has abused his power for too long.”

“There are even allegations of rape and murder against him, a dossier of which I’ll be compiling for submission to Mnangagwa I look forward to His Excellency acting upon the info,” Mliswa said.

Mohadi declined to comment when asked by reporters.

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