Zimbabwe Women Rapists Resurface
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Zimbabwe Women Rapists Resurface

HARARE – The bizarre cases of women ganging up, kidnapping men and raping them has resurfaced again after a Harare man was recently drugged and driven to Rusape one early morning after being offered transport in a Toyota Prado by four women.

People are reminded of sisters Sophie and Netsai Nhokwara, along with their friend Rosemary Chakwizira, who were arrested in October 2012 after police found 31 used condoms in the trunk of their car while investigating a traffic accident.

They faced 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault but the case succumbed to a natural death because in Zimbabwe it is almost impossible to prove an act of rape perpetrated against a man.

Traditional healers, however, claim the rape acts are actually rituals to boost businesses.

Most women who indulge in the heinous act are said to be into businesses and would have been instructed by witch doctors to bring semen from a man they share no relations with.

Traditional healer Sandra Maburuse affectionately known as Mbuya Muchadura Mamoyo said witch doctors that perform such rituals required semen because of men’s continuous ability to produce children and be sexually active even when they are aged.

“Normally, that is done by people who seek to boost their business and what you must know is, that same power found in men which enables them to be sexually active and bear children even when they are old (murume haapere power) will be translated to the businesses of people who use that charm,” Maburuse said.

“That is the reason why you will never hear that they have sexually assaulted a boy who is not yet of child bearing age and normally it is perpetrated by a group.

“At our shrine we do not perform such rituals as they are normally popular with witch doctors that practice black magic. These things happen a lot and you would be surprised if you see some of the women who indulge in such acts — sophisticated women.”

In the current matter before the Magistrates’ Courts the victim was sprayed with an unknown substance around 7am in Harare and became unconscious only to wake up around 11am at a location in Rusape.

After he woke up, the women asked to have sexual intercourse with him but he refused and they all forced themselves on him.

He was later dumped and had to find his way back home before reporting the matter to the police.

Another traditional healer Mufaro Mukwapura confirmed that these kinds of sexual assaults were an act of black magic.

“It is not like those women enjoy those sexual encounters but they will actually be working.

“That is the reason why they do not care what kind of man they pick and use for the job,” Mukwapura said.

“I have also heard cases of such women who now pounce on their targets in bars pretending to be commercial sex workers.

“They will sleep with a man for a small fee and get away with his semen.

“At that moment it may not be of great concern what happens to the used condom after hiring a commercial sex worker.

“Men must be on the look-out.”

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