Zimbabwean Conman Jailed 5 Years for Fraud In Canterbury, Kent

A fraudster with a string of aliases and dates of birth ripped off £60,000 in benefits while fathering at least five children in the UK.

Tyler Longman
Tyler Longman

Jobless mechanic Tyler Longman – who attended court with a pregnant fiancée – even faked documents to obtain a British passport, a court has heard.

The Zimbabwean conman, who came to Britain illegally more than 12 years ago, has now been jailed for five years for his fraudulent activities.

Tyler Longman. Picture: Kent Police (1313130)

Longman, also known as Ulrich Trevor Johnson, is believed to have used at least 10 aliases and six dates of birth from January 2006 when he began claiming benefits.

Canterbury Crown Court heard he has fathered at least five children to different women – not including his fiancée’s unborn child.

When he was quizzed by Department of Work and Pensions investigators he told them he had “five stroke six” children before blaming one of the mothers for providing him with a Nigerian driving licence.


Prosecutor Trevor Archer told how Longman then reminisced about how he had been the ringbearer at his parents’ marriage “one of the most memorable days of his life” but it was revealed he wasn’t even in the UK at that time.

He pleaded guilty to the frauds just minutes before he was due to go on trial accused of illegally claiming income support and other benefits.

But a judge told Longman, of Gordon Road, Ramsgate, that there had been “overwhelming evidence” he had lived illegally in the UK under assumed names for years.

Longman broke down sobbing as his barrister, Jessica Ward, told the court that “he is now embarrassed and ashamed about what he has done”.

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“When he came to the UK he worked and paid tax and only began claiming benefits when he was ill,” she said.

“He has fathered a number of children and is a good father to those children and plays an active role in their lives.”

She added he has been with his fiancée for two years, has a four-month-old child with her, and she is pregnant again.

Judge Simon James told him he had used forged documents to obtain a UK passport which allowed him to live in the country where he was not entitled to be.

“You then used the same documents to obtain £60,000 in benefits illegally. Your subterfuge was both sophisticated and prolonged.

“I consider the fact you tried to blame the mother of one of your children to be a particular egregious feature in this case.

“It shows the lengths you are prepared to go to further your self-interests,” he added.-Kentonline