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Zimbabwean Grandpa (75) robs supermarket at gunpoint

by reporter263

A RUSAPE grandpa (75) recently teamed up with three other people to rob a local supermarket of groceries worth $1 500 at gun point. However, the long arm of the law finally caught up with the elderly citizen and was arrested together with his relative, Trinity Chimina (22) who pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Tofarasei Chimina of Nedewedzo Village under Chief Makoni who was not represented pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges when he appeared before Rusape regional magistrate, Mr Livingstone Chipadza this week.

He was slapped him with a five-year jail term, but Mr Chipadza set aside two years on condition of good behaviour. Rusape area prosecutor, Mr Tirivanhu Mutyasira, told the court that Tofarasei Chimina, Trinity Chimina, Onwell Mutsinziri and a Tawaziwa robbed Mazikana Store in Nedewedzo groceries worth $1 500 at gun point.

“On February 10 around 11.30 pm, Tofarasei Chimina and Trinity Chimina arrived at Mazikana Store in the company of Onwell Mutsinziri who was driving a Mazda B1800 truck white in colour. Mutsinziri is at St Thomas Prison in Marondera and Tawaziwa is still at large. The four accused person were wearing masks on their faces.

“Upon arrival, they parked their vehicle in front of the complainant’s shop. Onwell Mutsinziri entered into the shop holding an FN rifle and fired two shots on the shop ceiling. He ordered all patrons who were drinking beer to get out of the shop,” said Mr Mutyasira.

He added: “Trinity Chimina and Tawaziwa entered into the shop and looted various groceries and loaded them in the vehicle which they had parked outside the shop guarded by Tofarasei Chimina. The four accused persons sped off and shared the groceries among themselves. They dumped the vehicle in Wedza.


“On March 3, Onwell Mutsinziri was arrested by CID detectives from Marondera and the FN rifle and the Mazda 1800 which they used to commit the offence was recovered. On March 7, Tofarasei Chimina was arrested. He was interviewed and admitted to the charge. He implicated Trinity Chimina as his accomplice,” said Mr Mutyasira.

The following property which they had shared among themselves was recovered at their homestead, 20 litres cooking oil, 10 kgs flour, 20 kgs white sugar, 3 kgs brown sugar and 8×1 kg green bars.

Value of the stolen goods was $1 500 and recovered is $200.

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