Zimbabwean journalist shot in Lesotho

A Zimbabwean journalist is fighting for his life after being shot at his home in Lesotho.

Lloyd Mutungamiri, editor of Lesotho Times was shot by unknown gunmen in the early hours of Sunday.

Mutungamiri was shot in the driveway of his home in the Thamae residential area at about 4am. He had driven from work, which is 20 minutes away from home.

He sustained serious facial injuries and doctors say his life is in danger. A dental surgeon is scheduled to operate on him on Monday. Police are guarding both his hospital ward and his home.

The shooting is said to have been linked to a recent story published by the newspaper revealing secret negotiations about an exit package for Lesotho’s army commander Lieutenant-General Tlali Kamoli.



The army chief was unhappy with the story, which suggested that he was demanding more than R40 million. Mutungamiri and the reporter who wrote the story were briefly detained by police.