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Zimbabwean lady who married white South African brandished a gold digger

by reporter263

The Zimbabwean woman has been branded a gold digger by the family of her husband who snubbed the wedding.

Martin, 56 and Tafadzwa, 34 met at the bar Tafadzwa worked. “I got a message from God that this was the one for me,” said Martin. Now, Martin hasn’t been in a relationship since 1978 so finding love with Tafadzwa was special on another level for him. “I’m kind of like his first,” she said.

Before Tafadzwa, Martin was a dishevelled man who didn’t care much for himself but after he found his ‘most loving wife’ he has sworn he will never go back to that life. But one of Martin’s brothers, Jeremy.L. Milani says Tafadzwa is after Martin’s retirements millions. “I am his brother and I live in Canada. I moved from South Africa in 1999. Martin took care of our parents but they passed away many years ago. I helped him financially every time he was in debt and had no money. For the past 15 years I was the one that was there for him, not this gold digging woman he now calls his wife.

I flew back to South Africa in October 2015 to meet with him and surprise him. I was concerned about his well­being because he has never had a girlfriend and he met this woman when he went to put money on horses. As a very lonely man and not very mature and sensible for his age, he has very soft hear and anyone can bs him into believing they care about him. This woman lived in a room somewhere close to his house. She had very little money and was struggling financially.

Martin’s biggest mistake was telling her he went on early retirement and he now had over R1.5 million invested for his retirement. She suddenly had a huge interest in dating him. Within one year of meeting him she managed to convince him to marry her. He fell for it like a fish because he had no family in South Africa anymore. He flew to her home town, paid a ridiculous amount of Lobola to her parents.

When I met him in October (I surprised my visit) he was so shocked and told me he wanted nothing to do with me. I wanted to tell him someone does not suddenly fall in love and marry within 6 months. I could clearly see how this woman found a way to have a great life meeting someone 20 years older than herself, moving into his house, spending his money on repairing the house and buying all the new furniture, a new car and even opened up her own business. Strange how someone with no money suddenly has all this stuff when she marries a man with money!!! When I spoke to her on the phone she claimed that she also had money. I told her she is a gold digger because she had no money before she met him but because he lacked attention, she gave him attention and “love” and because he is so gullible he fell for her bs and lies.-online


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