Zimbabwean man convicted of making 3D-printed gun in UK

Muswere, a Zimbabwean native, pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court.

Tawanda Muswere PIC: Photograph: Metropolitan police/PA
Tawanda Muswere PIC: Photograph: Metropolitan police/PA

The device was found during a drug raid in 2017 after which Muswere, 26, claimed he printed it for a university project without giving much more detail.

Muswere claimed he did not know that the components were able to make a functioning weapon. What got him was his browser history which showed he had in fact searched for how to print a working 3D gun.

Acting Detective Sergeant Jonathan Roberts:

We know that Muswere was planning to line the printed firearms with steel tubes in order to make a barrel capable of firing.

The weapons are printed in pieces through a 3-D printer, and the user then assembles the gun him or herself. The only metal on the gun is the firing pin and the bullet itself.


with information from Sky News and BBC