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Zimbabwean man fakes dumbness in court

by reporter263

THERE was drama in one of the courts at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday when a suspect, Joseph Tanyanyiwa, pretended to be deaf and dumb in a bid to avoid prosecution over theft charges.


The stage-managed disability, however, landed Tanyanyiwa in serious trouble when the magistrate told him the sign language interpreter was not available and that the accused person was to be remanded in custody until a translator was secured for him.

Desperate to be out of custody, Tanyanyiwa then poked one of the prosecutors, Nancy Chandakaona, who was sitting close to him and apologised.

“Madam, pardon me. I lied that I’m not able to talk. In fact, I can. I wanted to be out of here, please forgive me,” he pleaded leaving the gallery in stitches.

Tanyanyiwa, who resides in Mbare, appeared before magistrate Bianca Makwande, answering to charges of theft of trust property following his arrest for allegedly converting $30 he was given by a client, Happison Masiyanyika, to repair his cellphone.


The incident allegedly occurred on September 9 this year in central Harare.

The complainant gave Tanyanyiwa the money, trusting that he would buy an LCD for his cellphone.

However, Tanyanyiwa allegedly converted the money to personal use and became evasive, but was later located and arrested.

The magistrate is yet to determine his fate.-AMH

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