Zimbabweans deserve to know the truth

By Our Reader ,Mini Kay

Zimbabwe should know the truth! He was here. Yes the Zimbabwean Finance Minister Cde Patrick Chinamasa was right here in London last week understandably to seek for a $10 billion soft loan for my beleaguered country on behalf of the Government. As many expected and predicted, he left with nothing.
Im disappointed by the lies by some sections of the Zimbabwean media, especially the State controlled. State Media has a mandate to inform the nation of the truths, a mandate to be the mouthpiece, the ears and the eyes of the nation but Alas! They seem to do exactly the opposite, turning a blind eye to reality and deliberately mis-informing the nation all in the name of a skewed editorial policy designed to please the masters.
You see the problem with telling a lie is that tomorrow you will need another lie to support the first lie, and then the third lie to support the second, then that becomes a poisonous habit that permanently destroys your credibility. I just dont understand it, is it a crime to tell your people that We tried but we got nothing?
This is what happened, The Minister initially sought to meet British (Resigned) Prime Minister David Cameron and he refused and and said he was not interested. He later met with the Chancellor of the ExChequer and laid down his case. My sources tell me that he was told we can only help Zimbabwe under the following conditions
, 1. Free and Fair all participatory Elections by June 2017. 2.Immediate repealing of the controversial Indigenisation Law which calls for 51% ownership of foreign companies by selected Zimbabwe officials. 3. Commitment to re-visiting the Land Reform Exercise with immediate effect. 4.Establishment of a United Nations watchdog from 1 August 2016 to June 2017, the time at which fresh elections must be held. 5 De-politicization of the Armed Forces. 6. Enactment of an Anti-corruption task force and the establishment of a new and genuinely neutral Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and a new voters roll plus the reduction of parliamentary and senate composition. 7. The total and genuine liberalisation of airwaves allowing entry of new Print and Electronic Media. 8. The prosecution of all known Human Rights violators. Mrs Samantha May who is tipped to be a potential successor to David Cameron is said to have emphasized that they would be very interested in resuscitating dialogue and normalise relationships between the 2 countries only if the above conditions are met.
I understand also that Britain demanded that President Mugabe steps down by 1st December and an interim government comprised of political parties and civic organisations be sworn in with a neutral figure becoming President to run and oversee the implementation of the changes and the holding of free and fair elections. End of the story. Period! God bless ‪#‎Zimbabwe‬! God bless Africa! ‪#‎thisFlag‬??‪#‎263Chat‬#iharare#Tajamuka