budgetZimbabweans are awaiting for the presentation of the 2015 budget by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa this afternoon.
Interviews carried out by this reporter show that Zimbabweans are not expecting much from the budget presentation.
“None. I play it safe by expecting nothing from these chaps… as you know he who expects nothing will never be disappointed,” journalist Cyril Zenda.
“Prioritise resuscitating industry and cut government expenditure,” ZiFm reporter Garikai Fadzi.
“I believe Chinamasa has a tall task but the first step is for him to come clean and admit that the Government revenue base is shrinking. He is probably going to present a budget based on faulty expectations and forecasts and not on actual revenue,” HR manager Doubt Zhou
“Of course waiting for the budget , things are not that normal, we are hopeless.”
“Nothing good should be expected from that budget in a country that is lacking almost any basic service, unemployment is very high, you have liquidity crunch, foreign debt overhang, collapsed basic service delivery. Nothing good that will take the economy forward will come from it given the so many competing needs against a very small cake. So dont expect too much. But with ZANU PF in elections mode, expect a lot budgetary allocations to handouts like farming inputs, cars for chiefs etc to placate and entice ZANU PF voters. But, nothing tangible will come out of it that will really rescue this economy and the country from its dire state. To the tax payer and ordinary Zimbabwean, we expect to be squeezed further to support ZANU PF and government programmes,” Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme.