Zimbabwe’s Tomana and 122 others faces huge legal bill after losing EU sanctions battle

Zimbabwe Attorney General Johannes Tomana, as well as 122 other people including top police and army officers, plus 11 companies,  faces more than US$10 million legal bill  after losing a bid to annul the sanctions order, the Zimbabwenewslive.com can reveal.

Prosecutor General Mr Johannes Tomana
Prosecutor General Mr Johannes Tomana

A top European Union court dismissed Wednesday an appeal by Zimbabwe’s attorney general and more than 100 other figures linked to the Harare government to have EU sanctions removed.

In dismissing the action, the Court ordered Mr Johannes Tomana and the 122 other applicants to bear their own costs and to pay the costs incurred by the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

They hired at least two London barristers, one of them a David Vaughan QC and Sarah Lee. QCs are top barristers who can charge on average £5000 per hour in legal fees. They were instructed by top lawyer Michael O’Kane of Peters and Peters Solicitors LLP, who on his website prides in ‘bringing the largest ever challenge against EU sanctions against 123 Zimbabwean designated entities’.


Legal experts however doubt that these individuals will carry their own legal costs personally, even though these were personal claims against personal sanctions. Instead, these costs will most likely be borne by the Government, and therefore by the taxpayers.