Zimbos go wild on cyber space

THE rising numbers of explicit material made by Zimbabweans all over the world making its way onto social media is a result of time mismanagement and wide appreciation by the local audience, life coach and counsellor Tendai Maduwa has said.


A video craze has gripped the cyber space and has taken a nasty turn over the past few weeks as more explicit material has flooded Zimbabwe.

Many African communities are known to be culturally conservative and Zimbabwe is no exception as certain mannerisms are deemed immoral and punishable but all that has become nothing but history with the introduction of gadgets, which can access the Internet conveniently.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, the award-winning author implored locals to focus on changing their mindsets and control what they watch or hear to avoid corrupting their minds.

“It is one thing to post material on the Internet and it is another to actually have someone to watch the thing that you have posted,” he said.

Tendai Maduwa

“The blame does not solely lie on those posting, but the audience as well and if this thing is going to stop people should be selective on what they watch and use that time for something productive.”

Usually, it is fellow Zimbabweans who are now in the Diaspora that are sharing the unorthodox videos and sometimes audios and
pictures with the most recent one being of a senior lady only identified as Mbuya Nyarie currently based in the UK who filmed
herself expressing how she misses sex.

“Most of the people in the Diaspora have nothing productive to do hence they have turned onto the Internet as the only solace to remove boredom and push individual agendas,” added Maduwa.

Mbuya Nyarie was unsurprisingly quoted this weekend on some website saying she does not know how the disturbing video made its way to social media as she had made it for her husband who she had not seen for close to one month.

Some people have attributed the “insanity” to loneliness that foreign-based Zimbabweans are faced with as they are far from home.

Others have cited loose morals as the urge for nudity and sexual laxity rises even locally with sextapes as evidence along with other similar material.

Meanwhile, a video of a 12-year- old Zimbabwean who was filmed uttering curses and vulgar language at his mother and aunt has been received with great criticism around the world after famous Hollywood star Tyrese Gibson posted it on his Facebook page last week.

Regulation of such illegal material has proven too hard for local law enforcers with the rise of social media users in the country.

“It is one thing to post material on the Internet and it is another to actually have someone to watch the thing that you have posted.”