Zimra warehouse inferno: Jonathan Moyo blames exporters in South Africa

Following angry protests that rocked Beitbridge over attempts to restrict imports, a Zimbabwean minister has blamed exported in South Africa who se Zimbabwe as a supermarket for instigating the unrests.

Former information minister Jonathan Moyo blamed the protests on South Africa, saying in a tweet: “Even fools know the trouble was started not by importers in Zim but by exporters in SA who see Zim as a supermarket!”

But not everyone will believe him. An economic crisis is worsening in Zimbabwe. The authorities have only been able to offer doctors and teachers a $100 advance on salaries due last month.

President Robert Mugabe’s government is standing firm on the new regulations, with industry minister Mike Bimha denying claims circulating on social media earlier on Saturday that the ban – which is how many traders see it – had been overturned.

Source – online