Zimuto High kid develops smart walking stick

Zimuto High kid develops smart walking stick

In Masvingo, Theophilus Beans, a lower-six science student at Zimuto High School, has crafted a groundbreaking invention: a smart walking stick tailored for the visually impaired. This innovative device, showcased at the Masvingo Agriculture Show by the National Annual Science, Sports, and Arts Festival (NASSAF), detects obstacles and alerts users with sound signals. Notably, Beans excelled in his O Level examinations and is currently pursuing studies in Maths, Physics, and Computer Science.

Beans elucidated the components of his invention, revealing its integration of a water sensor, battery, and ultrasonic sensor for identifying puddles. Funding for the project was facilitated by Zimuto High, with Beans now seeking sponsors to scale production of the smart walking sticks.

Beyond his inventive prowess, Beans is recognized as an adept public speaker, slated to represent Zimbabwe in Togo for a speaking engagement later this year. Harris Mashava, the head of Zimuto High, expressed pride in Beans’ achievement, lauding his contribution to the school’s reputation in embracing technology and innovation within the competency-based curriculum.

Beans, also serving as the Child Vice President of the Junior Parliament, has garnered numerous accolades for his oratory skills and debating prowess. Reflecting on his motivation, Beans recounted a visit to COPOTA School of the Blind, where he was moved by the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals, sparking his determination to devise a solution.

The journey to develop the smart walking stick involved collaboration with Phenomenon Technology under Science Learning, culminating in its inception during a visit to Bulawayo on September 19, 2023. Beans expressed gratification for his invention, foreseeing its potential to enhance the lives of the visually impaired by providing greater mobility and safety.

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