ZRP Support Unit Officers Captured By Renamo Rebels

Three members of the  were captured and disarmed by suspected Renamo soldiers near Sango Border Post as unrest continued in neighbouring Mozambique.

As civil conflict continues in the neighbouring nation, ZRP officers have been deployed to patrol the area near Sango Border Post to protect the Zimbabwean territory. The incident could create more tension after the three officers were later returned to Zimbabwe without their guns and identity particulars.

The three cops who were captured are A/Insp Sibanda, Csts Nyamukaiwa and Mjele. The three were part of a 14 member S/U team deployed to patrol the Sango border area. Although the police were deely reluctant to comment on the matter and reffered questions to ZRP national spokesperson Charity Charamba, sources at Sango border Post told Zimeye. com at the week-end, the incident happened last week when the three were on duty.

It is understood Sibanda was armed with a pistol while Nyamukaiwa and Mjele had fully loaded Ak 47 rifles. The three were ambushed about 2 kilometres from Mwenezi river while they were on duty, near Sango border post. The three police officers were captured by suspected Renamo soldiers and held for 4 hrs after they surrendered their firearms, handcuffs and particulars.-Online