BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights gets nasty
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BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights gets nasty

Grace Mugabe

Team Lacoste has decided to go for broke and it is circulating a highly damaging document which seem to portray grace as a woman of disorderly sexual habits… Below is the unedited document:

Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe, addresses party supporters at a ZANU PF Rally in Chinhoyi in this Saturday July 29, 2017 photo. Accused of assaulting a woman in a Johannesburg hotel, the wife of Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, is a fiery character with outsized political ambitions who describes herself as the “mother of the nation” and whose scoldings of top figures in her husband’s government earned her the nickname, “Dr Stop It.” (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Access to CIO Files

Subject: Grace Marufu

Grace Goreraza

Grace Mugabe File

Status: Classified

Notes: Some notes are scribbled in pen. Some notes are written in hurried grammar.

Report reproduced as is ”

Grace Marufu Goreraza Mugabe.

Reports date back to as far back as 1985 when the then Head of the Presidential security reported that Zim number 2 (meaning Robert Mugabe as he was the prime minister then) was in a relationship with an Air Force official”s wife.

The Head of Presidential security stated that he feared that the husband would eventually know as the wife written name ‘Grace Marufu’ has been going with the Prime Minister on oversees trips and also an incident that happened when she worked late and the Prime Minister had sex with her in the home office a few doors from his wife Sally.

He also wrote that there is need to separate them as even the loyal and respectful Sally might blew the whistle.

In 1986 another security official with a different signature wrote a report about how Grace Marufu had technically moved to her maternal home together with her son whose birth certificate copy named him as Russell Goreraza as he is fighting with her mainly over her neglecting her duties as a wife. In early 1987 she is given a driver who reported to the head of Security that she is seeing a Harare Businessman and how he sometimes sleeps over at her new place.

In August 1987 there is indication that she almost died after aborting a pregnancy that was claimed to have been that of Robert Mugabe that’s according to a debrief of one of her aids at that time.

In November 1987 a meeting was held between Mugabe and an Air-force Official believed to be the Husband of Grace Marufu where he refused to divorce her , another meeting was held late December and he agreed to divorce by word but did not do so at the registry.

The written report pointed out that they had gentlemen agreement that he would stay away from her.

The aid reported that Grace went to his house a couple of times soon after the gentlemen agreement.

Mugabe formally get introduced to the family in 1988 and everything is kept hush hush.

Grace fell pregnant with Bona in late 1988 prior to that she made several trips to China and Europe together with the president a source in the close protection team said the President had to be enhanced in order to impregnate the girlfriend.

Mugabe send relatives to pay Lobola with a Matibiri and Sabina leading the delegation, his other brother Donato refused saying he cant betray Sally.

Bona is born in 1989 , Sally heard that the daughter was his husband’s it was the first time she had a row with the husband in front of aids , stormed out of the house and was stopped at the airport by security details wanting to leave for Ghana.

She refuses to go back to the state house and finally went to Zvimba where she was consolled with Donato she stayed for a week and left after she was told that he wanted the kid only and not the wife. Donato gave her a drawn portrait of a monkey that broke the ice she loved monkeys, she returned back to the state house and things were never the same again though Mugabe still showed her affection it wasn’t the same, her medical problems showed she had stress, treated for depression, going through therapy and that she had a kidney problem.

Even though Grace had a kid with the president there is another report in 1990 that shows she was still in a relationship with the businessman who paid her security details not to report about her shenanigans. In 1991 she was involved in a relationship with her protector who later died in a car crash.

In late 1991 she had an argument with the President whom she accused of not sleeping with her and spending with sick Sally.

In 1992 she accompanied the president on almost every trip while at it a report surface that he was again enhanced or did some artificial insemination and in early 1993 she was visibly pregnant.

Robert jnr was born one of the aids pointed the love that the president have for the boy how he woke up when he cries, he wash him everyday and also stated that Grace seems to be having withdrawal syndrome since the birth of the kids and hardly takes care of him. In that year Russell Goreraza start staying with Grace”s brother Reward Marufu.

The file state that the relation between the Senior Airman and the President is okay.

In 1994 and 1995 she had two abortion which she claimed were miscarriage but there were the kids of Peter Pamire’s.

The president knew about the relationship between the two since late 80s.

Stanley Goreraza got divorced to Grace Mugabe on condition that he lie low, obtain some qualification , upgrade his Airman skills in friendly countries outside Zimbabwe on government scholarships, chose a couple of houses anyway in the world and a handsome yearly pay.

It was the following year 1996 that Grace had another pregnancy of Peter Pamire that he Peter threatened to expose their relationship, the last conversation they had three days before he left for South Africa for a business trip that was tapped in a hotel they were.

Pamire told her that he want her to keep the baby in which Grace argued that all the kids go through DNA and if they don’t match him(President) she is dead and him as well but Pamire said Mugabe wont do anything to him.

Pamire left for South Africa and on his way back the documents state that a covert operation was assigned to a Black Operation Unit to take action.

A short note from a Nathan Shamuyarira Jnr pointed that he was the sweeper (remove or plant evidence) soon after the operation. The file however doesnt states whether Grace kept the baby if she did then Chatunga is Pamire”s son and not Mugabe’s.

1997 two of her bodyguards died one in a car crash and another in a suspected food poison. There had imported 4 buses from the UK and the report state that there had got money from Grace Mugabe as there were reported to be in a relationship with her. Both were asked about it and admitted that on more than five occasion there slept with her but said that it was not their will as she threatened them that if they do not she would report them to her husband for sexual harassment. Besides she was paying them well on top of that.

In 1999 the then head of the first Lady security wanted an all women escort team but was refused again four CIO operative charged with protecting her died in a space of one year having gone through various disciplinary hearings but kept in her close protection team.

The head of security made a plea that maybe the DG should hand over the intelligence to the Minister as now his Security Details are offering to resign than to protect the first lady.

Rather her security team was put on a rotation system and some were even Ndebele’s who would pretend as if they cant speak shona with her again it didn’t work as they requested withdrawal from the detail, it was only in the whole of 2000 that she a couple of Angolans who were as tough as nail that no one in the close protection Unit died.

In 2001 she was at it again this time with James Makamba , four year prior to confirmation of their relationship she had a short relationship with him and source said she helped him sat up his business empire and also Joy TV.

Surveillance reports showed that Makamba would travel first before Grace follows alleged on a different passport to avoid detection.

The Central Intelligence compiled a dossier on her but no one wanted to make a move on her, also her link to Solomon Mujuru on a number of business ventures made it impossible to eliminate him as a number of people in the politburo had interest in his business empire and wouldn’t want him completely out of the way.

The first move on him was on Joy TV and he was told that his business empire will crumble but again he was assured by Rex Nhongo that he will get his protection.

Between 2002 to early 2004 she slept with Makamba more than twenty times some pictures in the file shows her in his blue shirt, some she is combing his beard with a brush.

As late as October 2015 , angry Grace pushed Mugabe to the ground after a misunderstanding  and the Presidential guard team had to interfere.

The rest are memory sticks that have passwords.

Then Bank transfares in Europe, Singapore, Malaysia,


  • How is this news? Everyone knows Grace Mugabe is a WHORE!!!!!!!

    • KwaTino_Namatako 23/02/2016

      a reminder

  • Patrick Guramatunhu 18/02/2016

    Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones but especially boomerang shaped stones! Grace started this dirty war and now someone is hitting back!

    • bobsled 18/02/2016

      There is hardly anything damaging here. The person most vulnerable to leaks is non other than Ngwena. I hope the so called G40 can persuade Bob to leak those and that will be the end of the lizard guy as they call him these days. The real tragedy is not that any of this is happening but in the way these faction fights only serve to two sides to legitimate each other through the drama, so the rotten politics of Zanu PF, the arrogance, the incompetence, the corruption are left intact. It makes it look as if one of the sides should be right and in a way saves the party and its decadent ways.

      • Patrick Guramatunhu 18/02/2016

        I do not about whatever Ngwena has down, I am sure he has done a lot of dirty stuff too, but what Grace has done here is going to damage her completely!

        • KwaTino_Namatako 23/02/2016

          very true

        • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017

          I think she cares less

      • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017

        Emmerson Munangagwa is not the right choice. Zanupf will lose if they push him to the elections.

    • Chimuti 20/02/2016

      Very true , anenge wekuBulawayo

      • KwaTino_Namatako 23/02/2016

        tribalist twart!

  • Shebeen Herald 18/02/2016

    What a load of bullshit.

    • Unenge hure racho riri kutaurwha iwe. Ukati hausi Mai Russell iwe???

      • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017


    • Chimuti 20/02/2016


      • KwaTino_Namatako 23/02/2016

        shabeen ano mamira pese pse

  • Rodney15 19/02/2016

    Grace is a woman of loose morals, that is why she had to leave her husband and ended up having an affair with a married man Robert Mugabe.However if we are to put Grace under a microscope and also bring in the Crocodile into the equation about what he has been up to for the entire 36 years he has been Mugabe’s right hand man, you will be horrified to the prospect of Munangagwa, becoming the next president of Zimbabwe.Morals alone do not either qualify nor disqualify anybody from assuming the most powerful office in the land. Munangagwa is full of blood in his hands and he is responsible for Mugabe’s long stay in power through orchestrating electoral frauds since Year 2000.If I was him, I would be silent because he has too much skeletons in his closet. If he now wants to wash dirty linen in public, he will be left in a worse off situation than Grace.Grace is fighting to keep the loot that her husband stole during his tenure, but Munangagwa wants to inflate his ego and perpetuate the status quo, which has overstayed it usefulness already to a majority of Zimbabweans. Munangagwa is a very dangerous prospect because he has learnt so much from Mugabe.There is nothing new that he will bring to the table, while Grace, as naive as she is will be adventurous, through her handlers.She is not going to last long as the president of the country without anybody taking over, while for Munangagwa,he is likely to be at the helm of the country for more than two terms.So people need to understand these dynamics before completely dismissing this woman.Grace will never be too powerful as a president, she will have advisors that will help implement government policy.She is not a sophisticated classy woman like what her husband has been, so removing her from the presidency will not be as difficulty as that of EM.

    • KwaTino_Namatako 23/02/2016

      tsime remupedza nyota

    • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017

      You are right

  • Chimuti 20/02/2016

    She is now deformed , this Grave !

    • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017

      I guese she is old and wasted.

  • Kufandada 20/02/2016

    This is not a genuine report.It is a fake smear campaign.A true file will have better details than these.A lot of these rumours have already done their rounds.It will be interesting if sympathisers of Grace Mugabe bring the file of Lacoste.We also want to hear about Godfrey Majonga,Solomon Mujuru and others.

    • KwaTino_Namatako 23/02/2016

      I suppose we have heard all this before

    • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017

      These were rapists during the military struggle

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  • […] BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights get… […]

  • Marujata 09/07/2016

    Who didn’t know? Jane Mutasa was even involved in organising Grace’s meetings with Makamba on the pretence that they were holding meeting for the Multi-Million Round Dollar Club at State House. Grace aitodamburwa muSate House isu takagara hedu panze mumota, apo Mugabe ari kuMunhumutapa. This happened mainly on Tuesdays. Dai taitodawo takasvira but i was too young i guess.
    I admit I havent seeing Grace’s pic in James’s shirt etc but taiziva kuti chiri kutsva.
    Im just trying to imagine Grace flooring Bob though. Lol, imagine sekuru vakagarirwa matundundu vachikwaturwa, kikikiki.

  • […] BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights get… […]

  • […] BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights get… […]

  • […] BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights get… […]

  • Rafique702 09/11/2017

    Gire iphambi….

  • Hleki 19/11/2017

    Grace Marufu Goreraza Mugabe slept with a lot of men,some of whom have already ran away fearing for their life. To be precise, she is abeach

    • Themba Ntshangase 20/11/2017

      She has a lot of blood

      • bobsled 24/11/2017

        Honestly who among the major players in Zanu PF doesn’t … we are heading into another false start l only hope we can at least limit the damage if we can’t stop it altogether

  • Hleki 19/11/2017

    Ko mapositori aya ekuporofita nhema vodii manje

  • […] BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights get… […]

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