Gweru woman kills hubby’s lover
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Gweru woman kills hubby’s lover

BETRAYAL can lead one down a dark and vengeful path.

A Gweru woman shattered by infidelity has been arrested for the murder of her husband’s lover in a crime of passion.

Stacy Thokozani Mkandla (34) busted her husband, Tafadzwa Emmanuel Munyoro in bed with his girlfriend, Brightness Phiri (27) in their matrimonial bed after returning home from an all-night prayer.

Her pain was unbearable and the betrayal unforgivable, and in her quest for revenge, she unleashed a savage knife attack on the naked Brightness resulting in her death.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, said the murder occurred in Mkoba 14 at around 4am on Saturday.

“Brightness succumbed to multiple stab wounds following an attack by another woman Stacy, who had found her in bed with her husband.

“Stacy had left the previous day around 7pm going to an all-night prayer leaving her husband, Tafadzwa home alone.

“She returned earlier than usual at around 4am, unlocked the door and went straight to their bedroom.

“She found the now deceased in bed with Tafadzwa. She took a knife from the kitchen, but her husband repelled the attack and went out (of the bedroom) with the knife.

“The two women remained inside and the suspect is alleged to have taken another knife and stabbed the now deceased several times.

“The deceased managed to escape, scaled over the wall and ran away naked. She, however, collapsed and died in the next street,” said Insp Mahoko.

He said Brightness was found with four stab wounds and her body was taken the Gweru Provincial Hospital.

Stacy handed herself to the police and was taken into custody.

Insp Mahoko reiterated the police’s calls for people to seek counselling when faced with extreme situations instead of taking the law into their own hands.-H-metro

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