Zimbabwe land invasion continues as top Mugabe man gives widow 2 weeks to leave farm
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Zimbabwe land invasion continues as top Mugabe man gives widow 2 weeks to leave farm

Masvingo – The newly appointed Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo Ezra Chadzamira has given Yvonne Goddard a 66-year-old widow two weeks to leave the farm where she has stayed for 45 years.

Chadzamira who is widely believed to be a Mnangagwa henchman was offered Cresta Farm which has a total area of 120 hectares and is 10km from Masvingo  by the Minister of lands Dr Douglas Mombeshora barely two weeks after he took over as the Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo.
Chadzamira told The Mirror last week that he had no intention to evict the old lady out of the farm house and added that the woman can stay there for as long as she wanted.
However, The Mirror went to the farm this week on Monday and found  Goddard packing her goods in readiness to leave. Her distraught workers, some of who had been on the farm for the past 38 years were not sure what will happen to them next.
Goddard who previously refused to talk to The Mirror opened up this time around and speaking in between sobs said that it was a lie that Chadzamira was not interested in the farm house.
“He came here together with his wife and the wife clearly indicated that they were coming to stay in the farmhouse. I am leaving because they wanted to come in as early as possible.
“After reading the article in The Mirror I would like to thank you for highlighting mine and my workers plight but would also like to make the following facts known
“Chadzamira told The Mirror he had taken over the farm but he was not taking over the farm house.”
A.    At no time was I offered the right to remain in my home. Neither before, after or during the handover of the farm to Honorable Ezra Chadzamira.
B.     Fact No (2) without the assistant DA Mrs. Tongofa negotiating a month’s withdrawal period, I would have had an official 2 weeks to leave my home of 45 years.
C.    A further ‘fact’ during the handover of the farm a lands department officer, Mr. Shoko entered my house to inspect the premises, taking notes of the amenities.
Why was this necessary if I was to be allowed to ‘remain’ in my house?
Chadzamira also told The Mirror that I was moving on my own accord because I did not want to stay with ‘blacks. Why did he have to say this?
I have always lived among ‘black people’ in fact since the death of my husband Graham three years ago I have made many more friends who gave me both friendship and support , and to whom I am most grateful.
Furthermore it must be noted that eight workers are losing homes as a result of this including a 74 year old gentleman who has been with me for 34 years. Two others have stayed here for 27 and 18 years respectively with the 18-year-old having been born and lived here all his life. I pray that someone finds shelter for them,” said Goddard


  • gerro 25/01/2016

    Stayed for 45 years on stolen land? Even 200 and thirteen years when its time pack and go YOU SHALL! Or else you know the consequences..your remains will be repatriated back home to England..So run while you can.

    • ndeere 25/01/2016

      You are a retard of unimaginable proportion

    • Marge 25/01/2016

      Bloody racist barbarian

    • James Mac 26/01/2016

      You have terrible thoughts gerro

    • Tyron van Greunen 26/01/2016

      what a big boy you are, probably one snot klap with my left hand and you’d be sleeping boy.

    • Doris Smith 26/01/2016

      this is why the west looks at africa and cannot find it in their hearts to have any respect for you. it’s not your skin colour. it’s your behaviour. your thuggery, your dishonesty, your cruelty.

    • Joe Moer 26/01/2016

      the land does not belong to you gerro! and whatever you are given (are you have taken) you pull through your crack! its generally an african way!

    • Mazankila 26/01/2016

      You are a very disgusting fellow. Shame on you. You are a sorry representation of a black man. An embarrassment to all of us black people. Uyayangisa. Scum of the universe you are. As the country shifts to normalcy, this farm snd many others will revert back to their rightful owners. That I am convinced of.

    • Alan Kennedy 26/01/2016

      All those improvements and medical care you mock, you arrogant fool!
      Boreholes to water the plains, eradication of diseases,…
      Pity you won’t be the only one to suffer when they revisit you

    • Bianca Jacobs 26/01/2016

      Racist you are.

    • Ken O'Connell 26/01/2016

      How many farms did you get n this grand hand out?

    • Dr Who 26/01/2016

      Yes, to the land whose Head of State your dear leader Mugabe, Gushungo, aspires to as Royalty and fawns on. The irony is just so delicious and the sad fact is that Zim’s masses have never been poorer in their hard won freedom.

    • carol maley 27/01/2016

      Just wondering, Gerro – how many generations can you trace of your own heritage? Are you absolutely sure that your Mother, Father, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and all your ancestors are from Zimbabwe? South Africa? Because if even one of them come from a neighbouring land or not so neighbouring land you should not be the one to cast a stone. Ah, but then, your character tells us you have no clue who you father is. Bastard.

      • yarwellnofine 27/01/2016

        He would be lucky if he could identify his father with certainty. Heritage?

        • carol maley 27/01/2016

          Heritage: the relationship between entities that share a genealogical origin. I wonder if Chadzarima can prove that he is 100% Zimbabwean. Zimbabwean, not black.

    • The Gadfly 27/01/2016

      I suppose Chetswayo – the Zulu from Natal and all his descendants must also leave

    • Friz 27/01/2016

      You are a total ASS Gerro!!!! In fact an ASS has more brain cells than you have.
      99% of the land HAS BEEN “GIVEN” back – why then is the country starving? And in rack and ruin???
      Because they’ve taken it and NOT DONE ANYTHING WITH IT!!! TOO BLOODY USELESS. You’re a right royal p….k Gerro.
      I agree with Mazankila. People like you destroy the black mans reputation. ASS

    • Stuart Smith 27/01/2016

      Stolen land, no it was not you ignorant cunt,

    • Sakki333 27/01/2016

      Fuck you, you racist cunt

      • BadBoyHARARE 01/02/2016

        Look at that moron insulting everyone….

        • Sakki333 06/02/2016

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        • Sakki333 10/02/2016

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    • General Dube 29/01/2016

      You are out of your fucking mind!

    • Rick Cooper 30/01/2016

      You are stupid enough to believe that land was ‘stolen’ but more than this, you are greedy, and you are willing to threaten people who have done you no harm with violence. You should be permanently removed from society – you are dangerously stupid.

    • Sandra Wilczewski-Platt 30/01/2016

      Wow u are ignorant and very obviously uneducated…… if it was not for the whites u would still be living in the bush like the neanderthol u are wearing animal skins and using ure little bow and arrows…… everything u have and enjoy today is thank u to white people…. all science and technology is thanks to white people…. all medication is thanx to white people…. so if u hate whites so much stop using all white inventions and see how far u get….. moron….

      • BadBoyHARARE 01/02/2016

        Insults: First and last argument from FOOLS like u Sandra.

        • Sandra Wilczewski-Platt 02/02/2016

          PMSL….. u have just prooven me right…. u are ignorant and racist….. people like u do not deserve to be recognised….. people like u are what is the biggest problem in Africa…. get an education…. oh no…. Education is also a white persons invention…… u do not deserve to breath the same oxygen we do….. stay away from all white peoples inventions like education…. all medical inventions…. technology…. clothing….electricity….safe drinking water etc and see how far u get…. u are a neanderthol and always will be…..

          • BadBoyHARARE 02/02/2016

            UTTER BUNKUM!!!!!

          • Sandra Wilczewski-Platt 02/02/2016

            What???? Is that it???? Bwahahaha…. again u have shown everyone what an ignorant imbicille u are….. u cant even carry a simple conversation….. the only reason why u react this way is because u know im right….. otherwise u would have shown evidenciary historical fact that im wrong….. even a person with mental health issues has more intilect than u do….. shame u poor Boy….. all ure kind can do is insult and resort to violence…. u dont have the brain capacity of an ant….. a rat can outsmart u….. u poor thing….

    • BadBoyHARARE 01/02/2016

      You are damn correct mate. You don’t except to be treated with gloves when its you who stole the land in the first instance. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Run as fast as you can and also whilst you’ve the time to do so. I foresee disaster 10 yrs down the line in both S.A and Zimbabwe.

    • Sandra Wilczewski-Platt 02/02/2016

      Wow….another ignorant, uneducated neanderthol…… lol…. u poor thing….. i hope that since u hate the whites so much that u will not be using any white inventions….. like… electricity, clean running water, technology, medicines, money, clothes, housing, etc….. see how far u get without our inventions…. including education…. you and those with ure kind of thinking are the biggest problem in Africa….. if it wasnt for the whites u would still be living in the bush wearing animal skins….. if it wasnt for white farmers u would not enjoy the luxuries u do now….. like food…. if u have any intelect whatsoever u would see that since the rubish Mugabe has been in power the people have become poorer than ever…… fact…. u poor narrow minded idiot….. me i would leave africa just to sit back and watch ure kind die of disease and starvation….. then i would wait till u beg the whites to come back…. when u do, and u will…. i will say fuck off and die cause u will turn around and stab whites in the back again as soon as we fix ure problems…. ure kind are not to be trusted….. u are barbaric uncivilized ignorant useless shit…. oh sorry didnt mean to insult shit because shit is still usefull…. 🙂

  • Anselmo Coelho 25/01/2016


  • James Mac 26/01/2016

    So sad.. Look forward to the day when we notice how insane these leaders are

  • Joe Moer 26/01/2016

    I look gleefully to the day when these dumb africans are dying of hunger, then begging the outside world for help! It’s sad because there are many good africans out there that want a better life, only to have there hopes extighuished by savages like this!

    • Sandra Wilczewski-Platt 30/01/2016

      Yes…. i agree….. but Africans are not the only problem now….. Muslims are a huge problem too….. i also feel sorry for the very few decent ones…… God only knows where this is all heading…..

  • Wayne Burger 26/01/2016

    Back to the tree’s and mud huts thanks to Mugabe. Shame full for the once peaceful people of Zim.Time for the Kith and Kin in UK to stand up and ask the UK Government to allow white people in a Africa to return to UK Land of their forefathers.

    • Ken O'Connell 26/01/2016

      Of course they can, and they’ll have to wear red wrist bands, live behind red doors and use coupons at Tesco’s, just like all the other refugees. I’d love to see the reaction of the Daily Mail ((UK) to that occurring.

      • Wayne Burger 26/01/2016

        It’s still better than being Murdered in Africa.

      • Allykhat 27/01/2016

        Rather that than being murdered by thugs. Locally a family has recently been shattered. group of thugs breaks into the house, Husband goes to protect his wife, gets stabbed 3 times and shot. Dies before emergency services could arrive. And for what? A bloody cellphone. A cellphone is clearly worth more than a human life here in SA. I don’t want to leave, I’ve lived here all my life, but I’m too scared to let my Girlfriend walk to the shops down the road or even go for a run on her own. My father was recently stabbed in a botched home invasion, only reason he wasn’t shot is because the gun misfired 3 times before they ran away. The roads are a nightmare with taxi drivers that go unchecked. Our Police Force is so bad, calling them sub-par is actually a compliment! And that’s coming from a relative who is a police officer…
        Jumping ship to another country is starting to look real good to be honest.

  • TheYeti 26/01/2016

    China is licking it’s lips… Almost ready to enslave Africa economically… they’re just waiting patiently waiting for the last whites to leave SA then they will take over Africa hard!

    • Brandon Blundell-Gibson 27/01/2016

      The last whites?? – Really? – you reckon the Whites will all leave SA ??

      • TheYeti 27/01/2016

        Well maybe not all the Whites but if the Zim factor is anything to go by then 98% could possibly… The next elections are going to be a big factor in determining the mentality of the nation and in which direction it’s going.

      • Sandra Wilczewski-Platt 30/01/2016

        Ive left SA already….. for UK…. now EU has problem with imigrants mostly Muslim….. doesnt matter where whites go now we are all buggered…. unless whites start to stand together and fight back…..

    • Gary Mmmbeer 27/01/2016

      We’re not going anywhere. This is our country as much as anyone’s but the Chinese are moving in quickly with their cheap junk. We’ll have to try convert them from noodles to bunny chows.

      • TheYeti 27/01/2016

        According to a report that I read Zuma let in 500,000 Chinese last year alone with full residential rights. They are tax exempt(for now) and are categorised as previously disadvantaged so they can claim full BEEEE status.

  • Longfellowwalker 26/01/2016

    Flirting with the fires of hell, playing with a widow’s possessions but hey, who cares, Mugabe’s reputation and that of his thugs strongly suggests that they hold to ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.

  • Dr Who 26/01/2016

    Natural justice and the order of things cry out for justice and fairness regardless of race, ethnicity, creed or religion.

    Two wrongs a right do not make, as much as Mugabe was instrumental in setting his people free he is also responsible for their new enslavement and impoverishment. Freedom without the ability and means to enjoy it is not true freedom, what is coming with the new colonialists is the freedom and security of enslavement and much gnashing of teeth, this time it will not be heard and sympathy will be far gone.

    • JamesDDean 28/01/2016

      Mugabe didn’t set anyone free. Not all native black Africans are Marxists like Mugabe and his cronies.

      • Dr Who 28/01/2016

        Mugabe and his political movement did indeed, this cannot be denied. He set them free and over time has with the cooperation of his coterie of leaders, cabal or cronies whichever you wish to term it, enslaved them with another ideology, one of cult (borrowing from Marx and the Chinese if you will).

  • Toby 27/01/2016

    Gerro, fuck off and die!!!

  • Gary Mmmbeer 27/01/2016

    If she has to leave without getting paid, she must burn the house down. The new tenants are just going break everything anyways, you can’t get the bush mindset out of their heads.

    • Stephen Green 27/01/2016

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. Burn it to the ground

    • ExSATaxpayer 28/01/2016

      How about a bit of Semtex on a timer, say for a month. And throw in a couple of incendiaries as well.

  • Boerin 27/01/2016


  • Sakki333 27/01/2016

    Blow this useless fucker and his wife up. If it was my house…….

  • ExSATaxpayer 28/01/2016

    Hey I’m nearly out of toilet paper, has anyone got some Zim dollars to sell to me, say about one pounds worth will keep me going for a long time.

  • MoRiem57 . 31/01/2016

    Tear down the house and destroy everything before leaving.

  • Petrus 31/01/2016

    God has a special place in HELL for you and your government, a place that will never let you leave, you get there by having done just the sort of things you have done. It’s a universal law of KAMA

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