Olinda and Chivayo in nasty TWAR

Olinda and Chivayo in nasty TWAR

Olinda Chapel-Nkomo and Wicknell Chivayo engaged in a heated altercation on social media recently. It all began when Olinda publicly criticized Chivayo and individuals who have received cars from him, labeling them as weak men.

She accused Chivhayo of misappropriating public funds designated for a solar project for his personal benefit. In response, Chivayo targeted Olinda’s health, alleging that she is HIV positive. In retaliation, Olinda resorted to body shaming Chivhayo and disclosed that he once pursued her romantically, only to be rejected.

The confrontation escalated as supporters from both camps joined in, intensifying the conflict. Later, Olinda emphasized that those receiving cars from Chivhayo do not truly own them, highlighting Greatman as an exception since she recently purchased a wheelchair for him.

She had this to say:

Let me educate this korokoza. Firstly you are NOT a business man. You are a RUNNER for those that actually have money.

    A car is a liability ! Hazvipere Pa full tank. Service B at Mercedes right now is costing my Mercedes £400 as we don’t do fake parts.
    Please show us the log books stating the new owners
    Whilst you are at it please show up the ZIMRA payments of the $2million you have paid !

Lastly I will NEVER feel threatened by a man who isn’t educated, worthless. Impractical, inept, weak and in futile person like you.

THIS IS WHAT $2 million dollars should have done for Zimbabwe. Than kudzisa magaro evanhu vasina basa !

Dialysis machine : The most efficient modalities were automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), the mean annual costs of which were £21 655 and £15 570, respectively. Hospital-based haemodialysis (HD) cost £35 023 per annum and satellite-unit-based HD cost £32 669. The cost of home-based HD was £20 764 per year

Happy Sunday ! And Ps I am not a politician ans I am not trying to be one.

In response Chivhayo claimed that he has changed ownership for all the cars and on top of that he even gives people $600 to process the papers. This comes after the latest car gift was presented to sungura legend Alick Macheso.

Source – Zim Celebs Blitz

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