Chamisa under fire for paying tribute to Chitepo

Chamisa under fire for paying tribute to Chitepo

Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa today came under fire after he paid tribute to the late Zimbabwe African National Union chairman Herbert Chitepo.

Chitepo was assassinated in March 1975, a few months after nationalist leaders including Ndabaningi Sithole and Robert Mugabe were released by Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith after 10 years in detention.

“HERBERT CHITEPO-BRILLIANCE AND ELOQUENCE PERSONIFIED..Clarity was his natural frequency. He was a man of deep intellect and integrity-wired to lead. Something was unique about his heart, he resonated authentic,” Chamisa said on his X space.

“He was genuine! For him, it was never about money or business deals for personal aggrandizement. And politics was never an arena for primitive wealth accumulation . But then the world is so wicked and cruel. Wickedness, in habit, assassinates brilliance. Mediocrity perennially assaults excellence!”

@zvatts, who was first to respond, said: “Ama2k voters don’t need this Chitepo lecture. We are in 2024 for god’s sake.”

Chamisa replied: “History connects us to the past in order to propel us into the future!”

Mirirai Mushayi did not buy that, posting: “One wonders how the late National Hero Chitepo’s brilliance can resolve the very serious and self-authored challenges in the CCC secret society.”

Chamisa ignored the issue about self-authored challenges in CCC, commenting: “History anchors the future, and much more the current!”

CCC is currently in turmoil following the recall of several legislators by self-proclaimed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu.

Tshabangu claims he is cleansing the party and bringing back structures and democracy to the party.

Chamisa has been under fire for not publicly disowning Tshabangu, especially in court cases where his recalled legislators have claimed Tshabangu is an impostor.

Asked by one of his followers: “Mr Chamisa , tirikubvepi tichiendepi, Tichaita sei,” Chamisa replied: “Gamuchirai zvitsva!!”

@Zim_Vision2030 was not amused, telling Chamisa: “I dont think you have the capacity to handle this. 2024 is very tough for you.”

The post was accompanied by pictures of single women carrying posters calling on Chamisa to go.

When told by @Mupandarima “Siyanai nevanhu veZanu pf. Find inspiration amongst your own vana Dhlakama from Mozambique, Mobuto from Zaire, Savimbi from Angola etc,” Chamisa replied: “Why should one not be inspired by their own? Chitepo was and is a towering giant from the Zimbabwean soil! Pathfinders don’t take away the path! Footsteps by giant forebears must be carefully studied, traced and tracked by successive generations!”-Insider


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