Chamisa taunts sell-out comrades within CCC

Chamisa taunts sell-out comrades within CCC

HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has launched an indirect reprimand on unnamed party comrades he branded “sell-outs” as he battles one of his most difficult challenges since taking over leadership of the country biggest opposition.

In an X post he captioned “SELLING OUT IS A BOOMING INDUSTRY…especially under a dictatorship”, Chamisa came close to revealing some of his deep-seated frustrations about his colleagues he felt have betrayed his efforts to maintain a strong battlefront against Zanu PF rule.

“One thing surprises me; at any given moment in time, there is never a shortage of individuals who are readily available or willingly accessible, to sell their soul to the oppressor, thereby assisting the oppressor to achieve their own power retention motives and wicked ends. And it is always about the thirty pieces of silver,” Chamisa said without dropping any names.

CCC, constituted in 2022 on the back of bruising leadership wrangle within the former MDC Alliance, has been rocked by recalls ordered by self-imposed interim party secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu.

A virtually unknown quantity within Zimbabwean politics until he launched his bombshell recalls October last year, Tshabangu has diligently presided over the ouster of dozens of some cutting-edge legislators and councillors under his ostensible bid to restore constitutionalism within the party.

He argues some of the targeted lawmakers were imposed by Chamisa when the party sought candidates last year to contest the August 2023 elections.

Chamisa and his CCC argue Tshabangu was a hired assassin whose mission was to decimate the opposition’s representation in parliament and local authorities and further cause disharmony within a party which remains the biggest poll threat to Zanu PF.

Despite a slew of court challenges thrown at him by some of the country’s top lawyers hired by the party, Tshabangu continues to “win” his cases nonetheless in the courts.

CCC argues the political minnow’s dogged efforts were being aided financially and intellectually by some top party politicians who felt aggrieved by Chamisa’s leadership style.

No one yet has been publicly fingered as the godfather behind Tshabangu’s exploits.-Zimlive

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