Sonja Flees Wicknell Chivhayo
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Sonja Flees Wicknell Chivhayo

Wicknell Chivhayo’s marital relationship has come to an end as his wife, Sonja Monday, announced their split on social media.

This revelation, shared in a video on Sonja’s Instagram account, signifies a significant shift in their high-profile relationship. In the video, Sonja expressed her newfound single status and her intention to prioritize her family moving forward.

The announcement caught many by surprise, given the couple’s public persona and Chivhayo’s flamboyant lifestyle and controversial business dealings. Sonja emphasized her desire to focus on her two children, thanking both supporters and instigators for their input.

Sonja’s caption accompanying the video reinforced her commitment to moving forward independently and prioritizing her children. The news has sparked discussions across social media platforms, with many expressing astonishment at the timing of the revelation, coinciding with Chivhayo’s public displays of generosity towards celebrities while neglecting to salvage his marriage.

As of now, Wicknell Chivhayo has not publicly commented on the separation.

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